Life is full of uncertainty &  unpredictability but once you have the Formula,
Larissa Johnson will teach YOU how to become a catalyst for FUN!!




As a certified aerobics instructor since 1998, and a professional (MPA) in the environmental and social justice space, I know how important laughter, movement, and play are to my mental health and well being. 

The work that is being done to eliminate  inequities and disparities is NO JOKE but there is space for more Laugh, MOVE, Play to be infused into our days. 

I help people reconnect to the wonder within so that they can continue to fight the good fights and maintain their sanity in the process. 

I'm Larissa

Hey there!

Word on the street...

Larissa Johnson is a dynamo. She puts forward such tremendous energy in every project that she takes on. Her creativity, efficiency, meticulous organization, and "go-go-go" nature make her a tremendous asset to any team. 

—Kate M.

Larissa is bright, talented, and full of energy and great ideas. 

—Samantha K.

She is my go-to if I need someone who I know will show up ready to work and inspire those around her. Larissa is a positive energy force that everyone needs in their life.

—Brandee C.

Larissa brings enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion to every interaction - whether in day-to-day meetings or in community presentations. She is a treat to have as a leader and presenter and I would recommend her to brighten anyone's day or interest in energy and sustainability issues. 

—Michelle V. 

Her compassion and enthusiasm are contagious!! 

—Kelly H.

Working with Larissa was always an extremely positive, collaborative process: from start to finish. Larissa brings a tremendous amount of creative energy and a thoughtful, intentional approach, and she is committed to completing the projects she starts. 

—Susan K.

Larissa is, hands down, one of the most motivated and productive people I know. Her energy is contagious and she is an amazing role model. 

—Stacey P.